Our R&D department has been researching and developing a method to “fan fold” crease on card and board stock.

At Western Paper Box, we call it “perfector creasing” as we can crease and reverse crease on the same press run! For example we saved a “partner” who printed the front & back of a fund raiser calendar on the same side of the sheet that we would have had to cut in half first for the cease to be correct for folding making it a 20,000 run. Instead we “perfector creased”  the job and saved them the cost of a extra 10,000 press run.cost!!!!

We have used this newly developed method in many other applications with great success, however we need to see a sample of the stock to evaluate the caliper, grain direction and sheet size before we quote on “perfector creasing” your creation.



Street Parking

Please be advised that those of you that come to visit or to drop off samples, etc. that the City of Winnipeg Water & Waste department will be working on water main construction on McDermot avenue from Lydia Street to Harriet Street and as such, there will be NO PARKING on the street, so if you are planning to come to talk about a job or to visit, please phone first (204-774-3451) and we will let you know where to park.

This construction work is supposed to start as early as June 12th, and will continue for as long as six weeks.

Our Shipping & Receiving dock will not be affected so there will be no problem there.

We understand that this may cause you some inconvenience and we appreciate your patience over something that we can’t control and as soon as the city finishes their water main renewal construction project and makes parking available once more, we will let you know.


Western Paper Box

Employment Opportunities

As we are currently (and in the future) updating our equipment to serve our customers more efficiently we will be requiring EXPERIENCED technicians to maintain; service & operate the following die cutting and related equipment:

Hiedelberg Cylinders; Clamshells; Bobst; Folder/Gluer;

Please send resumes to: and put “Att: Shep – Employment Resume” in subject box



March – “Luck of the Irish” Special

Due to one of our key Canadian paper suppliers offering Western Paper Box a special price on chip board, Western Paper Box can now offer a 20% discount on all easel orders!

This covers all sizes, regardless of quantity (while quantities last) for the month of March.

To take advantage of this great deal, orders must be placed in the month of March to be eligible.

Pre-orders are accepted!

This discount on on-line orders only, so get a quote to get your easel order in!